Our People...Are Important

Additional Information

It's safe to say, that without our team of chefs and organisers we would not have a very good company. 

That is why each chef receives a equal percentage of our profits for every event and private dinner we are luckily enough to work on. 

We believe that each person that works with us must be as infused with the same passion as the next person, this means we produce truly amazing events and dinners. 

Each of our chefs is classically trained in the art of making sushi and each chef is allowed to put there own mark on it, meaning we end up with remarkable new menu additions throughout the year, we love to innovate. 

Our chefs have trained and worked at some of the most established and respected Japanese restaurants throughout the world and this shows in there style of cooking and making sushi. 

If you would like to know more about us, please feel free to drop us a email events@japansushi.co.uk

We cant wait to hear from you. 


Richard Cann